Code Jam Kickstart 2017(Google 谷歌線上測試) 開放註冊!


各位同學,如果你在2018年畢業並想要成為 Google 的一名軟體工程師,歡迎註冊參加 Google Code Jam Kickstart, 只要通過 Round D 和 Round E(即7月或8月場次)的同學則有機會獲得面試機會!

2019年以後畢業的同學,通過 Kickstart 就有可能被邀請到 Google 辦公室參加 A day with Google 的活動,獲得和 Google 面試官1對1模擬面試的機會。

Code Jam Kickstart Round D 已經開放註冊,筆試時間為 本週日,即7月16日 13.00 準時開始,筆試時間為3個小時3道題目。心動不如馬上行動,趕快註冊吧!

Are you excited by solving a challenge designed by a Google engineer? Are you interested in potentially becoming a Google engineer, too? If the answer is yes, then please join us… for Kickstart 2017!

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Kickstart 2017, a Code Jam competition, is a series of seven online rounds of algorithmic quizzes -- all designed by Google engineers. From your own home, you’ll have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the programming skills needed for a technical career at Google, while at the same time showing off your own talents. The top participants from each round may be invited to interview for a role at Google.

Sound familiar? This was formerly known as the APAC University Test. But this year’s competition is bringing you more than a new name. We’re excited that Kickstart has even more rounds of online quizzes and is open to any student across the Asia-Pacific region.



Here’s how to join us


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Round D will be held on 1p.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday, July 16 .

View the preferred dates / times for each quiz.



      Learn more about the competition… and start preparing:

      Check out our website for Terms and Conditions, FAQs, and more.

      Review the “Getting Started” Guide and take a look at past problems.



Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions at codejamkickstart@google.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Code Jam’s Kickstart Team

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